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In 1920 Mathilde Bordewich started production of “Lofotpostei”, pâté based on liver and cod roe. At that time liver and roe were not utilized, but she saw a potential and developed a tasty and nutritious product. The pâté established a reputation and was patented in 1924.

The production was on a small scale at first, but after the war the production increased and in 1947 Kaviarfabrikken was built. In the winter season the factory employed up to 23 persons at the height of production. ”Lofotpostei” was exported to most of Europe and even as far as Australia! In addition to “Lofotpostei”, manufacture also included products based on salmon.

The building was damaged by the violent storm of 1990 and finally closed in 1994.

Kaviarfabrikken is now reconstructed and a gallery for contemporary art, shops and accommodation for visiting artists!