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The water tank was built by Medisinaldepotet in 1884. The tank contained 250 m3 (about X Olympic pools) and was Henningsværs’ only water supply until 1932. Before new pipework was laid, all fresh water had to be transported in barrels from here and in to Henningsvær and then in buckets to the different homes. All the fishing boats had to fill with water here by the stone quay.There was an inspector responsible for water distribution and the remains of his quarters can be seen here. It was a house for an inspector who was responsible for the distribution of water.

In 1926 1088 boats were in Henningsvær during the fisheries and everyone needed fresh water. Add to this all those fisherman’s baths and home use. The factories were another large user of water as freshwater wash downs were vital to their operations. Try to imagine the traffic to and fro this place, the jostling of boats against each other as they lined up for their precious cargo!