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The quay was built by Jens Henrik Klæbo Drejer in the mid-1850s, and rebuilt after early damage by fire. The quay has been used for a great variety of purposes; originally it was an accommodation for fishermen in the season, a flour store, lodge, stables during the war, bait outlet, fish factory and a venue. When a celebration or party was be held, willing hands had to move all the flour, in 100 kg sacks, one floor up, then wash the storehouse with seawater brought up by hand in buckets. The rooms were decorated with branches and leaves in summer and crepe paper streamers in winter. After the party; all the sacks of flour had to be brought down again.

Mathilde Bordewick started her production of Lofotpostei and caviar in Heimgårdsbrygga. Here too the Norwegian author Johan Bojer wrote parts of the romantic and widely acclaimed novel, “The last of the Vikings”.