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In 1842 Jens Henrik Klæbo Drejer (1811 – 1882) bought the whole of Henningsvær when marrying Birgitte Zahl. Drejer was a very competent businessman and was one of the founders of Vågan Sparebank (Vågan savings bank) He had his own flag that he hoisted on special occasions. On his death, Henningsvær was purchased by Nordlands Amt (Nordland county) for NOK 245 000,-.

Drejergården was reconstructed in the 1950s by Johann N. Johansen. He lifted the whole house to accommodate a sauna, showers and bath tubs for the fishermen and the locals. He also built a laundry and dry cleaning business that were later moved to Svolvær.

The present owner, Norges Fiskarlag (Norwegian Fishermen’s Association) started a welfare center for the fishermen, a very popular and well used place. In addition to the bathing facilities, there was a reading room, meeting room and TV-room. There was also a “library” based on crates of books sent from place to place by the welfare organization, giving the fishermen an opportunity to have something to read in their leisure time.