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The building was built by Lars Nicolai Rener (1769-1844) in 1828. Rener was a great businessman, coming from Finnesset in Kabelvåg.

When his own wife died , Rener later married the widow of the earlier owner of Henningsvær, Jørgen Zahl (1782-1826). Her name was Karen Robertine. Rener was a dynamic owner and leader and in his time, Henningsvær had strong and rapid development. He sold Henningsvær for 6,000 spesidaler (currency used prior to Norwegian kroner) to his stepdaughter Birgitte Zahl.

Drejer made certain that Henningsvær was connected to the new technology of the day, the telegraph line “Lofotlinja” in 1862. Drejergården was used as a telegraph station from that time onwards.